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Beat from I-Hi by Devin the Dude


I like fuckin, sexin, what you wanna call it
Pussy is to me like booze is to an alcoholic
the setting: bucolic, condom in my wallet
Her pussy's a vampire, my dicks the garlic
That's a stupid way of me just sayin that I kill it though
Pussy got me wilin like when Milhouse put in Thrillho
It's a bone storm comin through in the forecast
I get a lot but I'm always wantin more ass

Big ol tits like Dolly
Is she gon suck me prolly
Got me screamin out oh golly
Want this cracker like she Polly
She serves my balls like volley
She ride me like a trolley
She tried to keep me for herself but my gamy is poly
Got no emotions for her, not even emojis
Open the door sure but won't buy no groceries
She be digging me but I'm just digging in her ovaries
Resistin her intrusions, rap game Cochise

Pussy lookin gorgeous
Eat it like I’m Norbit
Kill it cuz im morbid
Flip it get some more head
Normalcy deported from my orb back in infancy
Pussy dependency? Hmm, let me check and see
Ain’t got it in a week, then I feel less than weak
Need to leak out on a cheek, or I be feelin bleak
Rap game Capt. Spaulding
Fucked up teeth and I'm balding
Always out marauding
Late night fuckin so I called in

Spanish body curvin perfect like it was a tilde
Ass deserves its own parade that's bigger than Bastille Day
If there were an Ass Olympics she would have a field day
Scare off all the competition no one to say We'll play

pass that, lungs fillin with magical laugh gas
last chat, not another word before I smash that
Ass fat, wet panties droppin like the NASDAQ
Getting so much pussy its a trend I need a hashtag


from Pussy​/​Ass Rap, released February 14, 2014



all rights reserved


MC Sex Austin, Texas

I make rap songs bout fuckin.

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