Self Defecation

from by MC Sex

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I don’t dress to impress
I undress and depress with
Sex skills far from blessed
They’re lackluster at best
And my zest to caress
Any breast in a dress
Gets repressed, there’s no yes

That’s not just jest It’s the worst
I don’t know how to flirt I just blurt The first thing
that squirts in my mind And it hurts My chances
of dances romances and dropping my pantses

Tony Danza’s more of a boss than I’ll be
My stupid stanzas are just a front really
I got no bucks no cash no checks and no cents
No fucks, no ass, much hex soul lent

To the devil right now, Lucifer’s abusing it
No big deal, I wasn’t really using it
My future’s so dim I gotta wear a spelunker’s helmet
I need some more ducats so I can thrust my pelvis

They say sex sells but MC Sex’s
Sex cells stay stale imprisoned in this jail
No chicks with bail stuck in my sac
Til I find me a girl, spray em all on her back

It’s harder than that though
Less yes, more no
Pussy ain’t delivered I’m stuck with DiGiorno
(That’s porno) You’re no doubt thinking
I thought he was so deep in poon he was sinking

I lied OK? I lied a whole lot
This sex-addled swagger might as well be store bought
I’m like a robot when it comes to chatting up broads
I never leave em awed, they never lead me on

They leave with a yawn and I return to the bottle
Now where was I before I started that convo?
Oh right I’m bout to rap bout how I rock with my cock
Just cuz it’s lies don’t mean I’m gonna stop


from Pussy​/​Ass Rap, released February 14, 2014



all rights reserved


MC Sex Austin, Texas

I make rap songs bout fuckin.

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