Night on the Town

from by MC Sex

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Beat from Freaks Come Out at Night by Whodini


Everybody likes to fuck, so we should all do it
Best feelin in the worlds drainin all my ball fluid
But I'm not always wanted, rather I'm haunted
By chicks I might have scored with, but bombed it

Like one chick I met in one of downtown's douchey bars
Frat hats, flat drafts, and outta tune guitars
Stole to some dive, right down the street
Hopin that I'd get to dive in that pussy

She opened up her heart, was a can of worms
I'm sitting there, half listening starting to squirm
I'm waiting my chance to talk, jealous of the other guys
who get a word in otherwise and have their hands on girls' thighs

This is like homework, her words makes my dome hurt
Still wanna bone her but I see why she's a loner
I think up an excuse for me to leave, to split
I look her in the eyes "Yo I gotta shit"

So that's strike one I was hopin for a slam dunk
Wanna save par, so know I gotta man up
The finish line is close so I can't be trippin
How many sports metaphors can I fit in?

Got a gin and Canada Dry from the next bar
To try and make a little cutie Mexican wet
We just met, but does it really matter who we are?
I don't care what she does anywhere besides bed

I wanna put my cock on her chin
And watch her start sippin on it like her concoction
Skippin the semantics, I want in your pants quick
Lecherous sensuous adventurous sex with

ME! Don't exchange money just fluids
We don't have to be drunk we can be clear and lucid
Or drink beer and lose it, put on some music
Wake the neighbors with our noises, well there's my two cents

And there goes my four bucks, so long puddin
That type of approach never works and it shouldn't
I should be more prudent, little less anxious
Practice with patience cuz I don't wanna spank this

So that's strike two I was hopin for a slam dunk
Wanna save par, so know I gotta man up
The finish line is close so I can't be trippin
How many sports metaphors can I fit in?

Now my inhibitions lowered like they're playin limbo
I'll hit on any lady, girl, tramp, slut or bimbo
Who'll fuck at any tempo
Press her buttons like Nintendo
As long as she ends up sucking me off while I'm akimbo

It's close to closing time, gotta close with a bang
See if she'll come home with me, get naked and bang
With a guy like me not too likely
I'll prolly screw up soon and she'll forever despise me

Let's not think too much, let's drink too much
Lets do something stupid and listen to Cupid
But he's drunk too, he misses our hearts
His head was hanging low and shot right for the crotch

So on the way home, she's gnawin on my bone
Waitin for a spoon size sample of my chromosomes
I've got something I need out of my system
Not an emotion just unbridled jism

We should rearrange so that we can really do this
Take off all our clothes and exchange some new fluids
This explicit dick is so slick with your spit
That it slips and I miss when i go to push in it

Finally we finish and we pass the fuck out
Too fucking tired to even try to duck out
Then there's moanin in the mornin, an AM sex fest
Followed by her making me a decent ass breakfast


from Pussy​/​Ass Rap, released February 14, 2014



all rights reserved


MC Sex Austin, Texas

I make rap songs bout fuckin.

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