Honorable Discharge

from by MC Sex

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Beat from Freaks of the Industry by Digital Underground


I'm your favorite girls favorite rapper
Right before we fucked said I'd name a song after
Right after we fucked I put that pussy out to pasture
May be called a bastard but that pussy I done mastered

Im halfway to filthy rich, I’m so filthy
I'll steal your girl quick, like Claire Quilty
Yo ain't my fault though, she's the one who's guilty
I ain’t have to do shit, she offered to milk me

Stare into that pussy then I fall in like I’m Narcissus
And the rubbers ribbed, got her feelin like a sharks in it
Get it on the first night, hole in one’s the par for this
Never leave my seed I gotta clean my semen carcasses

This chick pulled her titties out, I asked what are those for
Put my dick between em and she slurped it like an oyster
Pussy is so wet she use my dick as a coaster
I push in and out until I pop out like a toaster

Round me she’s pantsless, gets her Donald Duck on
Nuts in her face like Dampier getting dunked on
In that pussy so much, lookin like I’m stuck on
When I’m done her head and tits is what the fuck my spunk on

Marry into money? Shit, I go the route of Stedman
Dippin in her honey pot and stealin out the bread pan
It’s the quick and lazy route, like doin a keg stand
Hubby finds out, shit I might be a dead man

Some folks are morally opposed they thinks it whorely
To always be out wilin like a sailor free on shore leave
Slowly but surely, I'll fuck your whole sorority
Orderly is how your pledges perform on me orally

Know its not a metaphor,
When I say I met a whore
Who sucked me off for free and she then disappeared like Predator
I'm bettin your girl ends up on my floor
When we finish up down there we get in the bed and fuck some more

Bustin on bellies of bleached blondes by the beach
Longin for my load on their navel like a Sneetch
Show em how to fuck me right I kinda like to teach
If she learns to suck me right then she’s my lil leech

Chicks hear me then they meet me and they say BUT YOURE SO NORMAL
Or meet me then they hear me and they want to give me oral
She says its only fair since I just gave her aural
Sensations she enjoyed it all makes me chortle 

Spittin like the dinosaur that killed Dennis Nedry
Keep a bib on girl if you wanna stay cleanly
Oh you had a nightmare? Well welcome to my wet dream
It’s a porno plot and we’re just gettin to the sex scene

Gettin more head than a guillotine
Then I push her off so my nuts are free to swing
Gettin more ass than a proctologist
Tell her open wide cuz you’re gonna get all of Chris

I’m getting jocked by octogenarians
Grand mama pussy getting wetter than aquariums
Know I said I’d hit it all, don’t wanna sound contrarian
But I get bourgeoisie pussy, that’s proletarian

Pussy with an odor like an ichthyoid
I reach down in and feel the sticky joy
My pricks deployed and then quickly enjoyed
More obsessed with sex than Sigmund Freud

An undercover lover in the blankets with your mother
I argue for no rubber but she argues tougher
Her first mistake was you, her second was your brother
And so now my staff’s satisfaction has to suffer

Vision kinda blurry like I been had cataracts
Hand in her box I'm her kwisatz haderach
Then I take it out and she licks that batter pap
Saddle up behind her cuz Chris just had to tap

If I wanted I could get laid by Mother Nature
Get it on the first night, wouldn’t have to date her
I could get digits with no phone, just a pager
I could pull some broads if I dressed like Craig Sager

Now I got this new chick, a lovely Latina
Sayin that she love my dick more than she love Selena
Batshit crazy though, I mean she guano loco
But I ain’t complainin with my dick down in her chokehold

Now my dicks wrapped up, looks like Laura Palmer
Dick stays hard, yeah she is the embalmer
Thrills until she cums, then it just calms her
But she gets stressed out again as soon as I’m a goner

If I come first don’t worry you get seconds
Refractory period of about six seconds
Pussy so fragrant, it should never be vacant
Pussy stay kinetic, it should never get to latent

Mind blowing sex through the night until morning
I can never get enough, wakin up horny
Get it when I want it, life free of mourning
Leave the grind and hustle to you I just find it boring

They drooling on my jock like Pavlov’s dogs
They suck it nice and tight like they got lock jaw
When I cum Time stops like the clock’s cogs locked
Then I leave and forget her like the world did to Pogs


from Pussy​/​Ass Rap, released February 14, 2014



all rights reserved


MC Sex Austin, Texas

I make rap songs bout fuckin.

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